Having a dog is a joyful experience but an untrained dog will put stress and anxiety on the whole family.

At Cheshire Dog Services, we want to help you enjoy your dog so are happy to provide one to one training sessions for you and your dog.

Dog Walker in Hale, Cheshire

Having trained many different breeds from Chihuahua’s & Yorkies – Lab’s & Spaniels to Rottweiler’s & German Shepherds, I am well versed in handling most problems in any breed. I am also a member of The Guild of Dog Trainers who acknowledge the needs of dog owners & their aim of a well behaved dog. The Guild fully understands the expectation society places on dog owners & additionally the laws which affect them all.

We live in an artificial environment, which can often pose many dangers to dogs. We invite pets into our home then punish or blame them for acting up like animals do. It’s our responsibility to teach our dogs what the social boundaries are and how to live in a human environment.

Even though they become trusted family members, we need to remember that fundamentally they are animals and as beautiful and loving as they are, training is key to avoid behavioral problems that will inevitably crop up.

Have you ever noticed when a trainer handles a students’ dog in class – the dog performs amazingly well? The dog then goes back to his owner and forgets all that was taught.

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This is all down to how you handle your dog. How you are able to read the smallest changes in their body language and posture and make the confident and correct adjustments according to what is required. As a dog trainer with many years worth of experience, my aim is to pass on my skills and as much knowledge as is possible to all of my valued clients.

When you and I work together, your dog will learn FASTER! You will enjoy a better-behaved dog in a shorter period of time whilst still being actively involved in the process of teaching your dog. As your dog learns the necessary concepts with me, you will experience the benefit of reducing your own frustration within your own training sessions at home. I help both you and your dog come together towards a common goal of a happy life together.

Puppy 1-2-1’s

Pups are never too young to learn, their Mums teach them many things in the first 7/8 weeks before we take them into our lives. We need to continue to educate the pup so they know the boundaries we expect in order for them to fit into our human ways and for you to fully enjoy these wonderful creatures. Much can be done BEFORE they have had all their inoculations and are ready to walk outside.

The key to effective training is teaching your pup that whenever he does something wrong, you immediately redirect him to what you expect and then reward for getting it right. Most of all, puppy training needs to be upbeat, consistent and rewarding with regular sessions practiced and integrated into your daily routine.

What I’ll cover with you at your home are:

  • Shaping behaviour
  • Crating
  • Basic obedience controls of Sit, down, stand, focus & wait.
  • Recall set up, the most important command for all dogs without a doubt!
  • The best type of equipment use to help with training, whistles for recall, training lines, reward pouches etc.
  • Interactive play used to build bonds and value in you as the owner/handler through ball tugs, tugs and ropes.
  • How to teach the pup to “leave it”
  • Advice on leads, harnesses, treats, socialising, lead control
  • Answer any questions you may have resulting to your puppy

Adolescent and mature dogs 1-2-1’s

Adolescence in dogs is reached by month 7-8 & the dog becomes fully mature by month 18.

We’ll cover the following in our sessions or can focus on a specific need if required:

  • Obedience
  • Heel-work so your dog walks nicely by your side and doesn’t pull.
  • Wait / Stay commands for both obedience and safety
  • Interactive play and bond building to aid recall
  • Recall development is essential for all dogs big and small.
  • “Leave it” command so the dog ignores what its told to leave
  • Focus will allow a higher level of obedience.

I believe positive reinforcement training is the best way to create a happy and confident dog who understands what is expected of them.

I teach owners how to establish boundaries at home and employ problem behaviour prevention strategies from early puppyhood onwards. Training and behaviour problems are resolved without the punishment-based techniques that commonly result in fear, aggression, or deterioration of the bond between dog and owner.

Instead I utilise positive methods based on well-established learning theories and behavioural science that are humane, practical and effective. I teach marker-based training, either with a clicker or word, combined with rewards of all kinds (e.g., food, toys, play, and praise).

All my training sessions reflect a comprehensive understanding of the dog’s natural behaviour, and take into respect learning abilities as well as the dog’s mental and physical developmental stages. In my classes, I strive to create a relaxed and enjoyable learning experience as I believe that the human part of the equation needs as much support and understanding as the canine component.

Most people learn more quickly when not subjected to criticisms and negative feedback and therefore, a positive approach to the training of the people is an integral part of all our classes.

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