Whilst we don’t want to mislead you into thinking a full groom will be carried out, we often get asked if the dogs get a wash after a walk so they come back all clean and tidy to avoid making a mess everywhere they walk once returned, leaving stains and marks on nice clean carpets!

Dog Walker in Wilmslow

We are happy to wash your dog down with warm water to remove any mud and dirt so your dog comes back all clean and fresh, we won’t just give your dog a rub with a towel as this won’t clean them, just disguise the dirt that they’ve picked up. We can also provide a full body warm shampoo if you prefer, brush & dry them afterwards. We appreciate some dogs are sensitive and will use a relevant shampoo to avoid any irritation. We would then return them dry and smelling lovely!

Dog Walker in Altrincham

Whilst we are looking after your dog and you feel that they need a full groom, we can help you as we do have an association with a mobile groomer or if you prefer, we can take him to your preferred groomer and return him afterwards.

Your dog will be washed in warm water with shampoo / conditioner and then hand dried. We use high performance, high velocity dryers, specifically designed for dogs, lifting loose undercoat and dry skin leaving your dog feeling revitalised.

From £5 per dog.
Please contact us for a full price list of what we can provide for your best friend!